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Affectionately Yours (1985) Directed by: Wong Ying-Git

Alan Tam plays a florist who is duped by his "friend" (Eric Tsang) to marry his sister (Maria Chung) and off they go to Japan for their honeymoon. Whilst there, he falls in love for real with a slightly intrusive Atsuko (Yamazaki Atsuko). Divorcing should be the easy part, convincing Atsuko's parents of his true love for her is a bit tricker...

It's really quite hard to pinpoint why Affectionately Yours works on the levels it does. Alan Tam is his usual acting vacuum and doesn't strike up any pitch perfect chemistry with his Japanese co-star. Add to that not a thoroughly convincing and engaging story but somehow it gels into a watchable, pleasant and easily digested 90 minutes. Credit director Wong Ying-Git I guess, despite handling the film in a pedestrian way but he does capture the Japanese settings well. Billy Lau co-stars.

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